The End of the PIAs and the Launch of Community Web Creations that are Making a Difference

Thank You Platinum PIAs for an amazing 10 Years and thanks to all the incredible people of the PIAs community who made such a difference. The name change of the awards show ensures that the mission of recognizing those who are a making a difference will continue. The new award shows that are doing this are the US Make a Difference Awards and the Big Apple Awards.

We laughed. We cried. We mostly laughed.

And we greatly miss a terrific friend to the PIAs who passed in the final year of the show just before the name change to Home Business Awards. We still can’t believe that he’s really gone. But of course, he hasn’t truly left us because of all the great memories we have of him.

Rodger Taylor

Rodger Taylor was an author (“Einstein on Race and Racism”) as well as was the Teen Central librarian of the Grand Central branch of the New York Public Library where Lights Camera Read and the Platinum PIAs were sometimes involved. Rodger impacted many kids, inspiring them to write and express themselves and most importantly, to be heard.