Welcome to the New Platinum Pias Website

webannouncement2Hello and welcome to the new Platinum Pias Community Awards Show website. After being in existence since 2010 we are thrilled to have this fresh and updated site.


Coming March, 2017 will be next Platinum Pias and although March seems to be a ways away, it will be upon us soon.

What’s different about the next Platinum Pias Community Awards Show? For one thing, this will be the first year we have an artists-only focus. That’s right, we’re putting the spotlight on actors, pop icons, artist teachers and more who are making a difference in their communities.

The second thing that has not been seen before at a Pias celebration, is the introduction of our Platinum Pias, Lights Camera Read and Art Gush sponsored theater/web/film project: “Thrillumentary.”

In the Pias and LCR tradition, “Thrillumentary” is being evolved with an emphasis on bringing people together through the arts and arts education.

And no site is more arts and arts education oriented than Art Gush. Check the mention on the Art Gush blog that was given regarding the new Pias site.

Watch for more, soon!