2018 Platinum PIAs NYC Community Awards Show Recognizing ArtisticPreneurs

Announcing the first ever ONLINE Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for Artists! And a special thanks to all the people who participated in selecting our winners.

Thanks also to those who joined us on April 14th, 2018 for the live voting process we did on this very page.

You see, anyone who is currently subscribed to the weekly “ArtisticPreneur Newsletter – which is the official publication of Lights Camera Read – had the opportunity to be a judge in determining those who were awarded. This means that “the people” are the ones who selected the PIA winners.

The Platinum PIAs 2018 is not only the first ever exclusively-cyber PIAs experience but it consisted of “Best Of” nominees. These nominees are past PIAs candidates who, for whatever reason, were overlooked to be the recipient of the crystal triangle of artistic inspiration.

The ArtisticePreneur Newsletter recipients took on the daunting task of watching 3 videos for each of the 4 categories and choosing from each category who they thought were “ArtisticPreneurs Making a Difference.” The Platinum PIAs considers ArtisticPreneurs of all kinds – business innovators, musicians, writers, filmmakers etc – who are making a difference in their communities and internationally.

We now congratulate our 4 winners Bobby Hart (top, left), Danny Hicks (top, right), Garry Summers (bottom, left) and Martin Stephens (bottom, right). Each these gentleman are not only accomplished artists but are very concerned with community.

Bobby Hart is perhaps best known as a songwriter for the classic rock band “The Monkees.” He was very helpful when we interviewed him on camera in regards to providing tips on how a young person could become successful.

Danny Hicks is perhaps best known as an actor in such films as “Evil Dead II.” When we interviewed him on camera he was a fountain of information for our viewers interested in possibly pursuing a career in the entertainment field.

Garry Summers is perhaps best known as being featured in the program “Antique Road Show” as well as is an accomplished “artisticpreneur.” In our on camera interview with Mr. Summers he provided some great ideas on how to use entrepreneurship to make your dreams come true.

Martin Stephens is perhaps best known for his TED Talk as well as his appearance as a child in the movie “Village of the Damned.” In our on camera interview with Mr. Stephens he discussed the benefits of meditation for living a good life. Be sure to check out his TED Talk for more on this!