NYC Create Supports the Platinum PIAs Vision

NYC Create supports the Platinum PIAs vision of using the arts to make a difference in your community. Community change through the arts has long been a building block of the Platinum PIAs toolkit and the new organization known as NYC Create follows that lead. NYC Create focuses in on helping artists of all kinds – musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – to promote themselves, build their audience and ultimately monetize their art. NYC Create was created as a response to the way that the new tax law has negatively impacted small arts organizations, especially those that depend on middle income people for donations. NYC Create was developed to empower artists to survive despite the way that the arts in America are currently under attack. In their new course series, Art Gush (a partner with NYC Create) explores Guerilla Entrepreneurship as a way that artists can fight back. The most recent step in this process that Art Gush has examined (as reflected in the NYC Create blog) is that of “Proof of Concept” as seen on “Shark Tank.” This is the phase of business development for artisticpreneurs in which they prove that their creative business concept works. For more information on this rung of the ladder please read the latest NYC Create blog entry.