Future Platinum PIAs Nominees Could be Helped by the ArtisticPreneur Website

Platinum PIAs Nomination
How Do eBooks and Sponsorship Factor into You Maybe Being Noticed for a Platinum PIAs Nomination?

Yes it’s true, there is now officially an ArtisticPreneur website. The word “ArtisticPreneur” has gone from just being a concept to being a website as well. And the ArtisticPreneur website could prove helpful to future Platinum PIAs nominees. ArtistPreneur brings us occasional blog entries including the current one that is about using sponsorship and eBooks to advance your creative career. This kind of DIY and “How To” info could be just the thing to add visibility to artists who are making a difference who in turn may be more likely to be nominated for a PIA.

Of course there is no guarantee of this being the result but remember that the P, I and A in PIA stand for Public Internet Artist. And artists become more public when they utilize methods for gaining exposure to potentially be noticed by Platinum PIA judges.

And of course, as many of you know, when the Platinum PIAs is done as an internet-only awards show the judges consist of everyone who is a member of the NYC Create newsletter. That’s a lot of folks out there who could potentially be interested in nominating YOU for a Platinum PIA.