2019 Platinum PIAs NYC Community Awards Show Recognizing ArtisticPreneurs

Name Change of the PIAs is Coming, but First Our 2019 Winners!

Monday, April 1st, 20019 is the big day that the Platinum PIAs officially became the USAcreate.com Awards! But before getting into the breaking news about the Platinum PIAs name change it’s time to announce our incredible winners for 2019. A big thank you goes out to our judging committee of volunteers from the ArtisticPreneur Newsletter email list who put up with a rather large selection of nominees this year. It wasn’t easy, but after careful coordination and lots of back and forth, we now have the winners of the 10th Annual Platinum PIAs Awards Show (2nd online-only edition) all of whom are role models for being “ArtisticPreneurs who are Making a Difference.” The winners are James E. Bartlett of MoCADA (Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts), Mamedjarra Diop of Sunu Thiossane, Bruce Payne (founder of the Baruch College Arts Administration Master’s Degree Program) and Savion Glover of “Bring in ‘da Noise/Bring in ‘da Funk.”

The PIAs Connection

Full disclosure: I have a connection to all of these winners. I did a graduate program final project about James’ MoCADA organization. I went to grad school with Mamedjarra. The graduate school program I went to was founded by Bruce (I also did a speaking engagement with him at one of the State Universities of New York). And finally, years ago I had the honor of documenting Savion in a performance he did at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Congratulations to all the winners. You all are definitely “Making a Difference!”

Which Brings Us To…

…The breaking news about the PIAs. After ten years (since 2010) of proudly using the name “Platinum PIAs,” this awards show is changing its moniker to better serve the community. USAcreate.com has the slogan “USA create your American Dream online!” This describes what USAcreate.com does which is help artists and small business owners by assisting them in achieving their American Dream. The goal is to keep fees low and affordable so that the client can focus on the realization of their USA aspirations. So you see both organizations have a similar mission. Therefore when the opportunity came up for being able to join forces, the crew behind the PIAs jumped at the chance to align themselves with USAcreate.com because of the clear benefits to the artistic and small business community!