The End of the PIAs and the Launch of Community Activists Helping “U.S. in Need” Businesses with Secret Strategies for Success


Thank You Platinum PIAs for an amazing 10 Years and thanks to all the incredible people of the PIAs community who made such a difference.

We laughed. We cried. We mostly laughed.

And we greatly miss a terrific friend to the PIAs who passed shortly after the final year of the show. We still can’t believe that he is really gone and we think about him often, and all the great memories we had with him.

Rodger Taylor

Rodger Taylor was an author (“Einstein on Race and Racism”) as well as was the Teen Central librarian of the Grand Central branch of the New York Public Library where Lights Camera Read, the Platinum PIAs and DigiComArts were involved to work with Rodger who impacted the lives of many young people, inspiring them to write and express themselves and most importantly, to be heard.

The New Direction of the Platinum PIAs Team

But even though the PIAs have come to a close, there is still much work to be done. That is why this website is still up. It is because we now have a new focus which is to be advocates for small businesses and those who are thinking of starting a company, but feel they have been negatively impacted by COVID and other issues in this day and age.

The Fresh Educational Program for Small Businesses

We have created an ongoing learning process for small businesses as well as though who are trying to start a company, who feel strongly that they were negatively impacted by COVID and other issues in these turbulent times.

The Solution

Our belief is that if small business owners as well as emerging entrepreneurs if given the tools they need to succeed, will be able to turn their businesses around.

Learning Tools

The educational tools that we are offering is your choice of various “Secret Strategies” that in just ten easy steps can be your METHOD HOW to turn your small business around. The reason why we are keeping the strategies confidential is because those companies that fit the paradigm of “U.S. in Need,” will then have an advantage over their competitors.

METHOD HOW to Get What You Want for Business

How? By having something that others do not. This means that the competition will not be empowered by these strategic plans. And instead you will be! And if your business fits the “U.S. in Need” Paradigm you will have access to the strategies. And with a new strategy made each week as seen in the “METHOD HOW Report,” you will have an edge.