Meet the Stamas Bros

Bros to the Rescue

And the controversy continues. Should the name Platinum PIAs remain the moniker or should it be changed to Big Apple Awards or even Awards? We’re busily trying to decide that question and have brought the Stamas Bros on for their feedback. The Bros recently consulted on an Over50USA website post.

Sorting Out Three Possibilities

Thus far feedback from readers has been pretty much even between the three, so we’ve decided to bring in some help in the form of none other than the legends in their own minds: the Stamas Bros!

Technical Difficulties

Due to technical details we are unable to bring to you the actual dialogue we had with the bros, but we can tell you this: they were very helpful.

Bros Suggestions

The Stamas Bros were of the opinion that the best way to make a decision was to let YOU decided. We have in the past gotten some feedback on this topic, but never in a very specific way.

Next Steps

So likely what we are going to do is via our newsletter get the word out to our cherished audience and ask them what they think.

Another Option

Another option that the Bros offered up was the idea of having the PIAs be much more than your average awards show. It’s three shows in all! The Platinum PIAs, The Big Apple Awards and The Awards all in one extravaganza!

Let Us Know What You Think

We really are open at this point to all ideas and solutions. Do you prefer one title over the other? Do you like the idea of three shows in one? Also, we are not ageist and nominate those of any age including Over 50.

What We “Got” from the Bros

It was clear that the Stamas Bros never forgot the most important thing which is our mission which is “to recognize those businesses, educators and artists of all kinds who are making a difference in their communities.

Apples or Oranges: Seeking a New Name for the Platinum PIAs

The Search for an Answer

And thus the search for an answer to the question “Big Apple Awards” versus “ Awards” continues. What should the new name for the Platinum PIAs be? The editor of the popular website Over50USA thinks it should be named the Over 50 USA Awards. Please editor, let’s not make this even more confusing!

New Title Anyone?

As many of you know the Platinum PIAs have been in existence since 2010 and as of this writing, a decade later, there is the desire from within the organization to come up with a new title to refresh the awards. This was the brainchild of one of the members of the Stamas Bros. Who are the Stamas Bros and why should we listen to them? In fact we should NOT lend them an ear.

Uncovering the Purpose

Why? Because in part there are other organizations with similar titles, plus, PIAs producers are seeking to further the meaning of the organization. They wish to potentially be more location specific (Big Apple Awards) and/or clearer about what the awards are. The same editor of Over50USA again asserted that the awards should be for those who qualify for A.A.R.P.

Contributors to Their Communities

Clarifications appear necessary to crystalize that that the aim of the awards is to recognize business owners, entrepreneurs and artists of any kind (fine arts to performing arts) who are making a difference by contributing to their communities.

Marketing Content Can Make a Difference

Recognition also extends to how a business or artist uses resources like marketing to get a positive image out to the world about their community.

Stamas Bros and Community Pride

Take for example the Stamas Bros. They are a popular group (strangely) known for their offbeat sense of humor and pride in their communities. Stamas Bro Homer resides in Manhattan, NY, whereas Stamas Bro Aristotle is a community activist 3,000 miles away in his neighborhood North Fork that is known for being located at the exact center of California!

Opening it Up to You

It is at this time we open the question up to you. What do you think the Platinum PIAs should now be called? The Big Apple Awards? The Awards? or something else? We want to hear from you! So please contact us now!