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Top 10 Completely Free Online Business Marketing Strategies for Plan Users

Updating requests.

Every so often we run into people who somehow had been involved in the PIAs ether as a live audience member, a presenter or even online viewer. The question that we get the most is that since the PIAs website is still up, even after closing the awards show, why don’t we update the blog more? We apologize for not putting in new content on a regular basis. We are working on a great number of community projects and do updates as we can. In fact, in this update that you are reading right now, we are giving your something to read that hopefully you will find helpful. It is a preview from an educational collaboration of ours which is the writing of a nonfiction eBook about leveraging the power of niche marketing. Here it is:


 List of Ten Free Options that You have Available to You.

Please note that the list of ten free options you have available to you does not contain links to examples of these free items. The reason for not including them is that every business is different, so what might work for you, may not work for someone else. In other words, you know your business best and when searching for the free resources listed, if you include the word “free” as well as your industry or any other related keywords needed, you should have no trouble finding what you need. Here now are the ten free items.: 

  1. Get a free blog and free eCommerce site

This step is free of course and is as easy as searching online for ” “free blog.” The point here is not getting a blog for free, but what you do with that blog. Now that you have both a free blog and the plan you made earlier, the time is now to leverage that blog by using your plan as a research for strategies you can directly apply to your blog.

If you need an eCommerce strategy for free whether it is for digital downloads or for physical products that you ship, there are free solutions available. We are not listing such sites here because we are uncomfortable doing so, but by trying various keywords for search you will find them.

The way that free eCommerce setups work is that you are given a URL address that has their name in it. The reason they will give this to you free is because they take a percentage of your profits.

Also, most eCommerce platforms use either PayPal or Stripe to process the orders. Both sites do what they do for free.

And finally. In many cases of blog and eCommerce platforms that give you their use for free, are separate entities, meaning that you will not combine your blog and eCommerce as one site. You will need to have links from a product mention connect to that eCommerce site product. People will also be able to go to the eCommerce store directly. 

  1. Host an online seminar as a means of launching your latest product and/or service.

The topic must be very appealing to your viewers and cover something that they desperately need and for which there are not a lot of alternatives out there.

If you do this strategy, you must keep those watching and participating in it, so that you are providing them with valuable information they can apply to their lives and businesses.

One way to get people to sign up for your online seminar is to promote it with mentions in two consecutive newsletters, then the third time announce how they can register for it. Therefore, it is important to be gathering emails. If you do not have an email newsletter setup and do not have a strategic way to motivate people to sign up for it, continue reading below. 

  1. Start an email list in the industry that both you and your customers are involved in.

You have heard about the importance of email marketing repeatedly, and if you do not have the proper setup to gather emails and then send your subscribers a newsletter, then please do so immediately. If you are not doing this, you are missing an opportunity that can be done for free. All you need to do is to find an email service, such as that has a free version of what they offer. The reason they give you the ability to do your own email setup for free is because, take for example Mailchimp, this service allows you to have service up until you have a list of 2,000 customers at which point they hope that you will have had such a great experience using their platform that you will sign up as a paying customer. And the reality is that if you reach 2,000 subscribers, chance is that at that time your business will be even more successful so you can afford the cost. There are two aspects, first is getting people to sign up for your newsletter and the second step is for you to send your newsletter weekly, or whatever you decide, extremely useful information in your industry. In terms of learning about the technical aspects of this it is best to pick your platform, study their website and even contact them for more information. How do you motivate people in your industry to join your newsletter in the first place? One way is by using your social media contingent. If you do not get have a social media strategy, please read below. 

  1. Your social media strategy.

Before committing to your various social media platforms, do extensive research through searches and such, to make certain that your particular social platforms are being used by your ideal customers. Only you know your industry customers’ needs, so use this insight when selecting platforms. Another thing, if you do sign up for various social platforms that your industry clients use, update content at the very least weekly and more frequently if you can. Ideally you will interact with those from your industry and answer their questions, always being helpful and providing real solutions to the problems they are asking about. It can sometimes be overwhelming being on several social media platforms so you might want to do research on free social media management solutions. There are free ones out there or at the very least free trials. Look for reviews of them as well as learn about their system of updating social pages. You might want to consider not committing to a social manager right away. Learn the updating needs of your social platforms so you become clear on the needs of your social system and explore if you think a social manager will really help you with this process. 

  1. Share your knowledge on Facebook by helping others solve their problems.

Join Facebook groups that have potential to be future customers because the topic is about the use of what you sell. Though, your strategy should not be to promote yourself with links to your business, but instead is to be genuinely helpful and help others in need of a solution what to do to achieve it. Again, without promoting you or your products and/or services. 

  1. Appear as a guest blogger on someone else’s blog that has a large audience.

The first step is to find a blog or blogs that have as their topic things that are of interest to your ideal clients. The send an email to the blogger describing the kind of article that you could write to be posted on their blog. Be certain to outline your needs of hopefully getting a link on the blogger’s link. The way this can become a reality with this specific strategy is that you must be perceived by the blogger of bringing value to their blog. And if you produce a topic about solving the problem of that blog’s readers, when writing it do not do it as though you are creating a commercial for your business. Make it real, helpful, and immediately applicable to the blog’s readers. 

  1. Reverse strategy of #6 example, and instead invite others to submit to your blog

Here is how it works, rather than being featured on someone else’s blog you invite them to yours. They this becomes a source of publicity for you is having them talk about your blog while on their blog giving a link that clicks through to your blog. This works best for you if the blogger you work with has a large audience/

And there are three versions of this. In the first, you request the other blogger writes on a topic that fits the industry of both you and them. Ask for three hundred words.

On the other hand, the second way you can do this is through a video chat with the blogger or do an audio only approach. Be sure to record the interview and then link it or embed it on your blog. All the online sites that can help you do this are free and you know them already. Or you can do a search for “free video chat” or other searches. And if you do decide to go audio only, there are free sources for these also. 

  1. Content marketing to drive interested parties to your blog

The goal for your blog is that it be a resource often used by others in the same industry as you. This makes it much more likely that visitors will sign up for your email newsletter. Use your blog post content to help your ideal audience solve their problems.

Leverage the potential power of your blog by writing on topics that solve problems for your potentially future customers. The level of quality you are presenting to them in their eyes needs to be high and useful. In this manner you are more likely to have the result of them buying your products and/or service or sign up for your newsletter.

It is recommended that you keep the kind of client you are seeking in mind as you create content for your blog. 

  1. Start a podcast for another strategy to establish yourself as an expert

iTunes are and SoundCloud are each popular podcast destinations and you can get you podcast on those sources as well as others. Each platform has its own submission process.

Podcasts are a current way to get your industry message to listeners who are also in your industry. Setting up a podcast is easy and of course can be done for free. The free method is to use your computer’s microphone to record and then edit, all with free software such as audacity.

Having a good mic and other elements is going to sound better, but it is important to just start doing your podcast. If you become ultra-successful with podcast you can also buy stuff later. Do not fall into the trap of “Once I get the right equipment, I will start my podcast.” You will never be more ready than this moment right now. Time do download your free software of choice and begin recording and editing audio. 

  1. Make you and your business into a daily show about your industry problems and how to solve them.

We are talking about that famous and largest video showcase where can start your own channel and starts with the word “you” which is a good word to start with, because to be successful it needs “you.” If you are a business owner or someone who is thinking of starting a business, the least expensive and most trustworthy choice for promoting your business is the person you see when you look in a mirror.

The strategy to become biggest fastest is to film one long continual shot of you were taken by your phone talking about your industry for 10 minutes, starting with “today I am going to talk a problem we face in our industry” and end it with a solution. If you know your industry backwards and forwards this should be easy for you.

 One 10-minute video uploaded every day. The reason for the 10 minutes is because currently “How To” videos like yours that are around that length are most favored to rank well. Also, when you start at the beginning with a “industry problem” and end with an “industry solution,” it keeps people watching, which having people watch the whole thing means higher rankings. Additionally, studies have shown that the more comments you have the better the rankings you get also. Comments show that people are taking an interest with questions and such. And do not worry about technical quality, the pandemic made it a usual thing to see on national television interviews done with phones.

 So do not hold yourself back because you do not have the right technology or any other kind of excuse. Just become committed to adding value to the lives of those in your industry by detailing the industry problems and at the end of the video give industry solutions. Now grab your phone and prop it up on a couch or something and start adding videos daily on your journey toward having a more successful business.

A Little Bit of PIAs History

The Platinum PIAs had a group of regulars who enjoyed reuniting each year with old friends.

An Annual Tradition

As most of you know by now, The Platinum PIAs Awards held ceremonies annually for 10 consecutive years (2010 – 2019) in New York City. The event was both in-person as well as online. The PIAs had the mission “To recognize businesses, non-profits and individuals like you who are making a difference in your communities.” It was a family friendly neighborhood event, that became a tradition for in-person regulars. We had great turnouts and it truly was fun for all ages. My daughter, who was a toddler back when the first show was launched, has told me many times that she misses going to the PIAs each year which had been a highlight in her experience of growing up.

Much Needed Help for Businesses, Non-profits and the Self Employed

Even though the PIAs doors have closed, we are excited to carry on a variation of its mission in the form of a new organization that, because of COVID restraints, functions entirely online and is called “USA Make a Difference.” This organization has the mission “To make a difference by helping you to make a difference (whether you are a business, non-profit or individual).”

What Action Steps are Taken by “USA Make a Difference”?

USA Make a Difference manifests its mission in the form of (1) our free weekly email newsletter, (2) our informational digital goods such as our in-house written eBooks (not available anywhere else) and (3) online services including blog creation, email marketing and internet campaign management.

Blog Publicity for the 3 Divisions of “USA Make a Difference”

All three of the faucets of “USA Make a Difference” are documented on an ongoing basis by our Blog Coalition which is a community network that, as of this writing, consists of nearly 60 blogs, some of which have been in existence since around the time of the first edition of the Platinum PIAs Awards in 2010.

An Organization for All Americans

Our former company, Video Film Web (2001 – 2013), had an in-person media studio located in the heart of Manhattan, NY, in the Midtown East area. We served clients including well known New York City businesses, non-profits, and those with creative careers. Now, because of the Pandemic, “USA Make a Difference” functions entirely online and makes a difference by helping people like you to make a difference in conjunction with growing your business, non-profit or creative career regardless of where you are located, in this great country of ours!

Yianni Stamas Details National Bird Day

The Platinum PIAs Closed but still having an Impact

The Platinum PIAs over the years has had as winners those who work to preserve animals in their habitats all across the 50 states.

National Bird Day

Today’s date, January 5th, is known the world over to be National Bird Day. This day is not to be confused with International Migratory Bird Day which marks the time that birds migrate.

The Cause of National Bird Day

Instead, National Bird Day is a holiday that has been in existance for over a decade and is the time that bird lovers can participate in the process of counting the amount of the various bird types there are. This happens all over the country and is a participation in the process of documenting the number of the various species of our feathered friends all across this great country of ours.

Those Who Have Lost Their Lives on the Day Throughout History

We would be remiss if we did not mention that today is a date that over the years has marked the deaths of some very important people including Amelia Earhart (1897-1939) Pilot, George Washington Carver (1864-1943) Botanist and Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933) US President.

Taking Action

On National Bird Day, those involved with the National Bird Day Cause can watch birds either together or in a group to participate in helping with the conservation of birds. Will you bird watch today?!

You Know What You Need to Do Tomorrow


Tomorrow is a special day and we couldn’t resist coming out to talk about it. Apparently the Platinum PIAs have inspired a couple different awards show to come to be. This includes the Big Apple Awards, the Home Business Awards and the US Make a Difference Awards. The one we have in our eye at the moment is the Home Business Awards. This is because we believe home businesses could play a role in the job issues we are currently experiencing.

US Make a Difference

United States, we ask that you make a difference and get out and vote. Now more than ever we need participation by the people that could lead to the sides not being as much divided as they currently are.

Please Vote

When you think about it, voting is an important right to fulfill. Possibly one of the most important. Many from both “sides” in the US are extremist s in their beliefs. One side is “take from the rich and give to the poor,” while the other side seems to be “have the rich remain in power and do the PR they are empowering the poor.” which side most resonates with you? Even if neither fits your views, please get out tomorrow and make your voice heard.

Remembrances Plus a New Show Idea

Platinum PIAS and How it Was Born

The Best Laid Plans

The Platinum PIAs was my first awards show. Funny how in 2010 it came into being, in such an unexpected fashion. We were putting together a digital film project and planned to premier it at the Tribeca Screening Room.

What Comes Next?

But as we got closer and closer to the date, it was clear we were not going to finish in time. So what to do now? We had already booked the screening room so we needed to come up with something.

Metal Meets Mission

Then it hit me. An awards show. Yes of course. One that celebrated Public Internet Artists or its acronym: PIA. Since awards show traditionally involved some metal, we chose one of the best: platinum. Hence the Platinum PIAs were born. And best of all, it was going to celebrate not only their artistic achievement but also public internet artists who are making a difference!

Fast forward to today, and an Homage

The homage is to some of the most hardworking people we know: Home Business Achievers. What should we call this show? Home Business Awards?

Remembering the Celebration

Let’s face it. The Platinum PIAs were a lot of fun and this fun lasted for ten straight years of  celebrating community and the accomplishment of entrepreneurs who made a difference to charities and society. And if the PIAs hadn’t lost to cancer one of our key collaborators, we  might well have continued for another decade.

But that wasn’t in the cards, Rodger was taken from us, and in losing him it was clear that the Platinum PIAs would never be the same again. So the PIAs as we knew it ended and the torch of recognizing entrepreneurs making a difference in their communities made way to a new vista.

The “U.S. Make a Difference” Awards

Approximately One Month Later

So here we are approximately a month later with the news that it is now a signed and sealed reality that the ten year tradition of doing the Platinum PIAs Awards is acting as the inspiration and outgrowth of the “U.S. Make a Difference” Awards. In short, if you go to right now you can participate if you desire in mounting the first celebration of the new approach.

Keeping Two Influences

Also, yes, we are still keeping the Big Apple Awards wing for education and the Houdini Day influence for magician who are nominated for making a difference in their communities.

Recognizing those Making a Difference

So we hope to see you soon as we pursue the important mission which is to recognize those who are making a difference in their communities!

Occasionally We Will Do a Post

Which way will the Platinum PIAs go? What entity will they finally select as the awards show that will carry on their mission to make a difference?

Humanitarian Work

Although the Platinum PIAs have shut down after a decade, we are proud to say that many have volleyed for the phrase “From the people who brought you the Platinum PIAs Awards.” If you’ve been following this blog it has been a bit confusing with all the choices we have had. We worked hard on this because we wanted the successor to the PIAs be an entity that would carry on the humanitarian work we have strived to bring you.


The proposal we have finally selected (and this is the final one) was the debut of an awards show that is brought to you by For those of you who do not know what DIYdigi is, it is an organization that help people with media to realize their dreams and make a difference in their communities.

US Make a Difference

So what is the awards show that DIYdigi is producing and will pick up helping the US to make a difference. It is only logical that the Platinum PIAs will have chosen The “US Make a Difference” Awards, located at The great thing about this website and show, is that it literally has “US Make a Difference” right in its name. So it mission and name are aligned . We will keep you posted about this as more information is available.

We Miss the Audiences

Live Audiences

As of this writing, COVID-19 makes it uncomfortable to have a live audience. It’s funny how we changed our format to digital just a few years ago. If this had happened during our live days it would have been sad.

Diverse Interests

Either way, we miss our audiences. They were an incredible group. Human being with diverse interests and professions. We had educators, performers, producers and more.

Meeting Audience Members

We also had a tradition which was to serve food afterwards. It was fun catching up with everyone and meeting new people. Our transitional project will have a digital audience also. It will be interesting to see how it works out.


More than an Awards Show

The pouring in of favorite memories and gratitude over the last month or so has been overwhelming. I guess we didn’t realize how much of an impact an awards show can have. Or maybe, because it was more than just a celebration where trophies were handed out.

The Next Incarnation

Making a difference is important to many of us. And that is not going to change as we go through this time of transitioning. And the hope is that PIA fans will somehow participate in the next incarnation.

It’s Important

Thank you one and all for reminding us about the importance of trying to give back.