Remembering the Celebration

Let’s face it. The Platinum PIAs were a lot of fun and this fun lasted for ten straight years of  celebrating community and the accomplishment of entrepreneurs who made a difference to charities and society. And if the PIAs hadn’t lost to cancer one of our key collaborators, we  might well have continued for another decade.

But that wasn’t in the cards, Rodger was taken from us, and in losing him it was clear that the Platinum PIAs would never be the same again. So the PIAs as we knew it ended and the torch of recognizing entrepreneurs making a difference in their communities made way to a new vista.

The “U.S. Make a Difference” Awards

Approximately One Month Later

So here we are approximately a month later with the news that it is now a signed and sealed reality that the ten year tradition of doing the Platinum PIAs Awards is acting as the inspiration and outgrowth of the “U.S. Make a Difference” Awards. In short, if you go to right now you can participate if you desire in mounting the first celebration of the new approach.

Keeping Two Influences

Also, yes, we are still keeping the Big Apple Awards wing for education and the Houdini Day influence for magician who are nominated for making a difference in their communities.

Recognizing those Making a Difference

So we hope to see you soon as we pursue the important mission which is to recognize those who are making a difference in their communities!

Occasionally We Will Do a Post

Which way will the Platinum PIAs go? What entity will they finally select as the awards show that will carry on their mission to make a difference?

Humanitarian Work

Although the Platinum PIAs have shut down after a decade, we are proud to say that many have volleyed for the phrase “From the people who brought you the Platinum PIAs Awards.” If you’ve been following this blog it has been a bit confusing with all the choices we have had. We worked hard on this because we wanted the successor to the PIAs be an entity that would carry on the humanitarian work we have strived to bring you.


The proposal we have finally selected (and this is the final one) was the debut of an awards show that is brought to you by For those of you who do not know what DIYdigi is, it is an organization that help people with media to realize their dreams and make a difference in their communities.

US Make a Difference

So what is the awards show that DIYdigi is producing and will pick up helping the US to make a difference. It is only logical that the Platinum PIAs will have chosen The “US Make a Difference” Awards, located at The great thing about this website and show, is that it literally has “US Make a Difference” right in its name. So it mission and name are aligned . We will keep you posted about this as more information is available.

We Miss the Audiences

Live Audiences

As of this writing, COVID-19 makes it uncomfortable to have a live audience. It’s funny how we changed our format to digital just a few years ago. If this had happened during our live days it would have been sad.

Diverse Interests

Either way, we miss our audiences. They were an incredible group. Human being with diverse interests and professions. We had educators, performers, producers and more.

Meeting Audience Members

We also had a tradition which was to serve food afterwards. It was fun catching up with everyone and meeting new people. Our transitional project will have a digital audience also. It will be interesting to see how it works out.


More than an Awards Show

The pouring in of favorite memories and gratitude over the last month or so has been overwhelming. I guess we didn’t realize how much of an impact an awards show can have. Or maybe, because it was more than just a celebration where trophies were handed out.

The Next Incarnation

Making a difference is important to many of us. And that is not going to change as we go through this time of transitioning. And the hope is that PIA fans will somehow participate in the next incarnation.

It’s Important

Thank you one and all for reminding us about the importance of trying to give back.

Remembering 10 Years of Good Times


Remembering the good times. Like the Platinum PIAs Artists’ Fly High Festival. And so much more.

Enter the New

But there’s no time for reminiscing, we’ve already done that. It’s the moment to step into the next chapter: The National Magic Day Awards also known as the Houdini Day Awards as seen at Houdini Day in association with USA Magicians.

The Big Question

The question we get asked the most is, “Is this just for magicians?” And the answer is a resounding “No.” Pardon the unicorns and rainbows, but there are people who are not conjurers but are undoubtedly, well, magic. They are those who make a difference in their community of course.

So Many Ways to Make a Difference

Possible ways of making a difference and being magic include: Pets & Animals, Arts & Culture, Education & Youth, the Environment, Faith & Spiritual, International Stuff, Human Services, our Veterans who we thank for their service and finally (and this is a big one these days) – Health.

Creativiy Keeps the Platinum PIAs Going

Exciting Times

The title of this post is “Creativity Keeps the Platinum PIAs Going.” But another important thing that keeps the PIAs on track is of course community. So it is really an awards show based on community and creativity. Every year there is a surge of interest as the year ends in the anticipation of the upcoming celebration. We look forward to this time because it is exciting to be around so much community and creativity.

All are Welcome to Nominate

The submissions of nominations are coming in fast and furious and we’re trying to keep up with the pace because ultimately only a certain number small busine owners, entertainers and educators will be used going forward. Though, not to discourage you but if you have someone who you feel has made a difference in her or his community please feel free to nominate them.

The Final Pick

A unique aspect of how the Platinum PIAs does its programming is based on who is nominated. We don’t initially put any restrictions on who can be nominated so we get all kinds of creative folks who help their community in some way. After careful consideration of ALL nominee we pick 9 to 16 people to actually be nominees.

9 Nominees Will Be Selected

Our plan this year is to select 9 total in the form of three categories and three nominees for each category. The reason we are doing it this way is because the three areas of nominees will be included in conjunction with the three faces of the PIAs which are the PIAs old school, the Awards and finally the Big Apple Awards.


As many of you know, our solution as to what to call the PIAs came about due to some pretty intense input. Most fans wanted us to keep the name “Platinum PIAs” but will include the Awards and the Big Apple Awards in the mix. Quite a creative community, this.

Special thanks to NYC Housing Lottery and Over 50 USA for their input on this post.

How to Start Your Own Awards Show

People Want to Keep the Name

Let’s approach first things first which is a quick update regarding changing the name of the Platinum PIAs to either Awards or the Big Apple Awards. There was a serious backlash against changing the name Platinum PIAs, so although this decision is not yet final, a working agreement has been reached.

A Strange Solution

Via this agreement, the Platinum PIAs will continue to be named the Platinum PIAs while and will become subdivisions.

Still a Work in Progress

For businesses all over the USA, will have its own line of awards under the Platinum PIAs moniker. This goes also for which will be the presenter to educators and performing artists. Thank you for bearing with us, we will soon let you know if this approach is permanent.

Your Own Awards Show!

Our next Platinum PIAs Ceremony will be our 11th one! And through doing this process over and over and over again, we’ve learned a thing or two about creating, promoting and presenting an awards show. Have you ever thought about wanting to start your own awards show? If so, this post is for you especially if you are a part of the media industry including video, film and the web! If you aren’t already in the industry, you can get tips here on starting your own company or agency.

Set Goals

Ironically, the first step in the awards ceremony creation process is to pick the right name. As of late we haven’t been doing great with that one, but things will be resolved in the near future. The next thing you’re going to want to do is write two to three paragraphs about what your awards show is and how it will help the community or solve a problem.

Calling in Favors?

This is followed by setting a budget. We’re of course assuming you have a budget. If you do not have one you can figure out the numbers of what is needed and seek donors for help. Or you can even go the no budget approach. While this is not the best way to do things, it can be done using a free space and calling in favors. Or you may already be in the video, film and web industry in which case you’ll likely have the contacts. Not in the industry? No problem. Remember, you can get tips here.

Awards Show Tune

If you have a musician involved, you might consider having this person write, sing and record a song about your awards show. We have one for the Platinum PIAs and portions of it are used throughout the ceremony.

Reach Your Goals

Now you need to jot down all the elements for your awards show, with the list being gotten from your budget. Be sure to track every component as you reach goals.

Don’t Forget the Actual Award Statue

One thing you should do is have a designated staff including someone to take tickets and hand out programs, another person to MC etc. Don’t forget the awards statues themselves. If you can get some nice awards made you will make the winners happy and they’ll more likely keep the award for years to come!

Meet the Stamas Bros

Bros to the Rescue

And the controversy continues. Should the name Platinum PIAs remain the moniker or should it be changed to Big Apple Awards or even Awards? We’re busily trying to decide that question and have brought the Stamas Bros on for their feedback. The Bros recently consulted on an Over50USA website post.

Sorting Out Three Possibilities

Thus far feedback from readers has been pretty much even between the three, so we’ve decided to bring in some help in the form of none other than the legends in their own minds: the Stamas Bros!

Technical Difficulties

Due to technical details we are unable to bring to you the actual dialogue we had with the bros, but we can tell you this: they were very helpful.

Bros Suggestions

The Stamas Bros were of the opinion that the best way to make a decision was to let YOU decided. We have in the past gotten some feedback on this topic, but never in a very specific way.

Next Steps

So likely what we are going to do is via our newsletter get the word out to our cherished audience and ask them what they think.

Another Option

Another option that the Bros offered up was the idea of having the PIAs be much more than your average awards show. It’s three shows in all! The Platinum PIAs, The Big Apple Awards and The Awards all in one extravaganza!

Let Us Know What You Think

We really are open at this point to all ideas and solutions. Do you prefer one title over the other? Do you like the idea of three shows in one? Also, we are not ageist and nominate those of any age including Over 50.

What We “Got” from the Bros

It was clear that the Stamas Bros never forgot the most important thing which is our mission which is “to recognize those businesses, educators and artists of all kinds who are making a difference in their communities.

Apples or Oranges: Seeking a New Name for the Platinum PIAs

The Search for an Answer

And thus the search for an answer to the question “Big Apple Awards” versus “ Awards” continues. What should the new name for the Platinum PIAs be? The editor of the popular website Over50USA thinks it should be named the Over 50 USA Awards. Please editor, let’s not make this even more confusing!

New Title Anyone?

As many of you know the Platinum PIAs have been in existence since 2010 and as of this writing, a decade later, there is the desire from within the organization to come up with a new title to refresh the awards. This was the brainchild of one of the members of the Stamas Bros. Who are the Stamas Bros and why should we listen to them? In fact we should NOT lend them an ear.

Uncovering the Purpose

Why? Because in part there are other organizations with similar titles, plus, PIAs producers are seeking to further the meaning of the organization. They wish to potentially be more location specific (Big Apple Awards) and/or clearer about what the awards are. The same editor of Over50USA again asserted that the awards should be for those who qualify for A.A.R.P.

Contributors to Their Communities

Clarifications appear necessary to crystalize that that the aim of the awards is to recognize business owners, entrepreneurs and artists of any kind (fine arts to performing arts) who are making a difference by contributing to their communities.

Marketing Content Can Make a Difference

Recognition also extends to how a business or artist uses resources like marketing to get a positive image out to the world about their community.

Stamas Bros and Community Pride

Take for example the Stamas Bros. They are a popular group (strangely) known for their offbeat sense of humor and pride in their communities. Stamas Bro Homer resides in Manhattan, NY, whereas Stamas Bro Aristotle is a community activist 3,000 miles away in his neighborhood North Fork that is known for being located at the exact center of California!

Opening it Up to You

It is at this time we open the question up to you. What do you think the Platinum PIAs should now be called? The Big Apple Awards? The Awards? or something else? We want to hear from you! So please contact us now!