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New Projects are in the Works and Include from the Blog Coalition, New Websites and Ideas

Undertakings Coming

We have a couple of things cooking. Too early thought to talk about them. Soon we shall be able to. Or so we hope. They are all going to be a part of the Blog Coalition.

We are All Human

We like to think that one of the primary reasons that the PIAs had ten successful awards ceremonies over the course of a decade, was because the awards given to members of the community resonated with others. Meaning, the categories of recognition evolved over time . And the amazing thing is that the process seemed to attract both older and younger people. In the end we are all human!

Can a USA Divided Become a USA Unified?

Although the Platinum PIAs had an emphasis on the arts, it also focused on small businesses in the community or anyone who was making a difference in some way. It is vital that we as a country, especially now, be looking toward a “USA Unified” rather than being a “USA Divided.” The word “unified” rather than being “united” is that it is tough to see this country quickly becoming that. Striving to be unified is more possible.

Sometimes Those in Pain Want Others to Be in Pains

The PIAs always stood for positivity over negativity. Because being a person with an upbeat outlook is spreading the warmth. But an angry and dissatisfied person often find their “joy” through hurting others emotionally. Individuals who do this tend to be in a lot of pain themselves.

The Good Side of Human Behavior

Everyone needs recognition of some kind. When noticing and emphasizing the “good” that someone is doing has a positive impact in many ways. First, the person being awarded becomes happy as a result and will share their award the others. And those seeing their friend or colleague has achieved this, can sometimes motivate them to do good too. And in the big picture it is nice to know that there are others who value the good side of human behavior.

The Convenience of Online for Shoppers

Although most of the Platinum PIAs events were done in-person, some were done online. And post Pandemic even more so people are seeing the value of things being done on the web. This includes buying from businesses online. These days, if a business is not harnessing the internet in some way, are long-term going to have a difficulty keeping their business afloat. Consumers enjoy making purchases online because it is convenient.

Emotional Health

Nurturing the spirit of community is vital to the survival of humans in a positive way. Anger often comes to the surface more quickly than kindness and can have a negative impact. Feelings that lean toward happiness are a different kind of “fuel” than its flipside which is to not care about the good emotional health of others.

Sharing on the Web

The responsibility of pursuing and developing community falls upon all of us. Even those who are introverted need community. Introverts can often be very emotional people and when they have good feelings overwhelming the bad, a person who tends to move toward solitude gets a boost from the happiness of others. It is extremely easy to fall into darkness. Having a happy and healthy society is more difficult. Pain and avoiding it is known to sell better for businesses than a purely positive viewpoint. So sometimes showing both and how they impact each other is the best plan when it comes to sharing online.

Professor Dreamer Meets Professor Realist?

“Hope” is a cornerstone of having a happier way of seeing the world. Often it is thought that dreamers dream of hope, but it is not sustainable. Whereas realists at least have the capacity through their clarity and focus, to have a result. It is really a mix of dreaming and being “realistic” that best serves hope. The dreamer bringing to the table the positive vision of the world, while the realist makes it possible to get that point of view seen by others.


To keep on smiling despite the darkness one can feel, is important. But this is different than pushing a smile. One can be preoccupied by the negative and when that person grins it does not have the same impact as a smile from a person who truly has a zest for life. Of course, many people, especially those in vocations that require networking, can seem false. It is as though they feign being happy to make the sale. Balance, as in many things, is the initial approach.

Mental Health

Mental health thankfully is becoming easier to talk about. Not so long ago it was a taboo. People were ashamed to admit they suffered from things like depression and anxiety. As acceptance grows so do the opportunities for a solution. This includes those in the mental health industries such as psychology and psychiatry. Although things are warming up in an effective manner regarding mental health, it still has a long way to go. But together we can spread the word!

Do We All Need Applause?

Do we all need applause? Do we all need an audience? Do we all need fans? Most psychologists would say “yes.” Why is this? It is because most disorders, other than chemical ones, tend to relate to a single thing.

This thing is often related to an individual not having received recognition of some kind early in their life. This is part of the reason that for ten years we implemented the Platinum PIAs Awards.

We believed that those who are doing good for the community, deserve to have recognition for that. So, each year we would bring together community members as an audience for just that purpose.

We would recognize both online and offline creators and entrepreneurs. We felt then, and still do so today, that we all need some form of an audience, fans or love to maintain happiness.

Of course, in addition to the psychological mechanisms there are chemical ones as well. The mind is mysterious indeed, but one thing for certain, even introverts need relationships.

Relationships can include friendships, romantic partners, coworkers, and more involving emotional support. This can be very helpful in this thing called life.

So even though we are not currently producing the annual Platinum PIAs any longer, we still have adhered to our mission to recognize business owners and creatives who are making a difference both in their in-person and online communities.

We do this this recognition process in various ways, including positive posts like this one, that also includes the current 57 websites that are a part of the Blog Coalition. Additionally, do our best to give recognition on a continual basis.

Giving recognition can include letting friends, family and coworkers know that they are good people and making a difference in the lives of others. In short, we believe that we all need applause.

Dr. Doer Gives Back

A Tongue in Cheek Look at a New Way to Make a Difference: Get on the Doer Path!

The Platinum PIAs Awards Presents a Lampoon of Sorts with a New Comical Character: Dr. Doer Who Lends a Helping Hand…

Who is Dr. Doer? According to today’s edition of the “USA Make a Difference” Newsletter this fictional character is an acclaimed and esteemed expert of the Doer Sciences with a B.A., M.A. and N.M.I.H (No Med is He).

Simply put, as Dr. Doer explains in his tele-lectures:

“As a  a man of the study of ScienceOmaticDoerIsm I recently had a grant to figure out what the two types of meaning searchers were. And after several months of lab analysis, I came up with the hypothesis that there are Dreamers and then there are Doers. And very soon I will be wrestling with another question with another grant to look more deeply into what I call The Two Hybrids which are dreamers/doers and doers/dreamers. The many months of lab analysis and ScienceOmaticDoerIsm, is to specifically answer a question that has puzzled the puzzled. The inquiry is to find out which is better: to be a Dreamer who becomes a Doer, or a Doer who can Dream?”

We then asked Dr. Doer what his recommendation was to anyone who wants to become a Doer. His response was:

It is really quite easy. It takes just 3 steps.

1. Get on the Doer Path.
2. Pursue your Doer Goal and subgoals.
3. Enter Doertopia then repeat.

Businesses like yours do not need to suffer despite the pandemic as we learned from the decade long run of our community awards show called the platinum pias

Your Business Does Not Have to Suffer

Here is a way to digitally transform your business process with tools available online that are low or no cost. Businesses like yours do not need to suffer. Solutions are available and are within arm’s length. You simply need to seek them out and be a part of the solution for your business and not the problem.

What was the Platinum PIAs Awards?

The “happening” recognized small businesses and other organizations and institutions who are making a difference both online and off.

Lessons Learned from Pre Covid-Producing of Events and Shows

The best way to “Tap into the Community” is to “Create and Organize the Community” The PIAs ended its decade long annual run just prior to the entrance of the villain of the show, the Corona Virus. But strategies similar to staging shows and events can be easily done by local and online businesses being negatively impacted by Covid and its Variants.

Discovering the Path

Information regarding what the first three steps of the journey are, could potentially become available if “insiders” decide to make digital learning products available. The decision regarding whether or not to move forward with beta testing and proof of concept, must be decided upon by tonight, Friday, at 12:00am, midnight, the start of the new year, 2022.

Yianni Stamas Details National Bird Day

The Platinum PIAs Closed but still having an Impact

The Platinum PIAs over the years has had as winners those who work to preserve animals in their habitats all across the 50 states.

National Bird Day

Today’s date, January 5th, is known the world over to be National Bird Day. This day is not to be confused with International Migratory Bird Day which marks the time that birds migrate.

The Cause of National Bird Day

Instead, National Bird Day is a holiday that has been in existance for over a decade and is the time that bird lovers can participate in the process of counting the amount of the various bird types there are. This happens all over the country and is a participation in the process of documenting the number of the various species of our feathered friends all across this great country of ours.

Those Who Have Lost Their Lives on the Day Throughout History

We would be remiss if we did not mention that today is a date that over the years has marked the deaths of some very important people including Amelia Earhart (1897-1939) Pilot, George Washington Carver (1864-1943) Botanist and Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933) US President.

Taking Action

On National Bird Day, those involved with the National Bird Day Cause can watch birds either together or in a group to participate in helping with the conservation of birds. Will you bird watch today?!

Remembering the Celebration

Let’s face it. The Platinum PIAs were a lot of fun and this fun lasted for ten straight years of  celebrating community and the accomplishment of entrepreneurs who made a difference to charities and society. And if the PIAs hadn’t lost to cancer one of our key collaborators, we  might well have continued for another decade.

But that wasn’t in the cards, Rodger was taken from us, and in losing him it was clear that the Platinum PIAs would never be the same again. So the PIAs as we knew it ended and the torch of recognizing entrepreneurs making a difference in their communities made way to a new vista.

The “U.S. Make a Difference” Awards

Approximately One Month Later

So here we are approximately a month later with the news that it is now a signed and sealed reality that the ten year tradition of doing the Platinum PIAs Awards is acting as the inspiration and outgrowth of the “U.S. Make a Difference” Awards. In short, if you go to right now you can participate if you desire in mounting the first celebration of the new approach.

Keeping Two Influences

Also, yes, we are still keeping the Big Apple Awards wing for education and the Houdini Day influence for magician who are nominated for making a difference in their communities.

Recognizing those Making a Difference

So we hope to see you soon as we pursue the important mission which is to recognize those who are making a difference in their communities!


More than an Awards Show

The pouring in of favorite memories and gratitude over the last month or so has been overwhelming. I guess we didn’t realize how much of an impact an awards show can have. Or maybe, because it was more than just a celebration where trophies were handed out.

The Next Incarnation

Making a difference is important to many of us. And that is not going to change as we go through this time of transitioning. And the hope is that PIA fans will somehow participate in the next incarnation.

It’s Important

Thank you one and all for reminding us about the importance of trying to give back.

Creativiy Keeps the Platinum PIAs Going

Exciting Times

The title of this post is “Creativity Keeps the Platinum PIAs Going.” But another important thing that keeps the PIAs on track is of course community. So it is really an awards show based on community and creativity. Every year there is a surge of interest as the year ends in the anticipation of the upcoming celebration. We look forward to this time because it is exciting to be around so much community and creativity.

All are Welcome to Nominate

The submissions of nominations are coming in fast and furious and we’re trying to keep up with the pace because ultimately only a certain number small busine owners, entertainers and educators will be used going forward. Though, not to discourage you but if you have someone who you feel has made a difference in her or his community please feel free to nominate them.

The Final Pick

A unique aspect of how the Platinum PIAs does its programming is based on who is nominated. We don’t initially put any restrictions on who can be nominated so we get all kinds of creative folks who help their community in some way. After careful consideration of ALL nominee we pick 9 to 16 people to actually be nominees.

9 Nominees Will Be Selected

Our plan this year is to select 9 total in the form of three categories and three nominees for each category. The reason we are doing it this way is because the three areas of nominees will be included in conjunction with the three faces of the PIAs which are the PIAs old school, the Awards and finally the Big Apple Awards.


As many of you know, our solution as to what to call the PIAs came about due to some pretty intense input. Most fans wanted us to keep the name “Platinum PIAs” but will include the Awards and the Big Apple Awards in the mix. Quite a creative community, this.

Special thanks to NYC Housing Lottery and Over 50 USA for their input on this post.

NYC Create is the Official Newsletter of the Platinum PIAs Awards

The big news is that NYC Create is the official newsletter of the Platinum PIAs awards. Since the PIAs are based in New York City it is a natural that they would partner with an NYC organization. Working with NYC Create means that the newsletter will still be packed with tips on creative career advancement but when the Platinum PIAs nears its launch date NYC Create will give you the latest relevant details.

NYC Create’s most recent edition reveals some important insights into how to make money as an artist. In fact, the current blog entry is the first in a series of 6 such installments. Each installment will give you information on how to profit from your creativity. For instance, this week’s content focuses on utilizing education to bring in an income stream. That’s the idea behind this entire 6 week series: providing you the artist – including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – with income stream ideas you can implement. The more streams you create the more income you will receive.