We Apologize for the Confusion

It’s a Battle

We’re sorry to see this has escalated into a battle. Big Apple Awards and USAcreate.com Awards pitted against each other with each one’s desire to take over our Platinum PIAs brand with their own identity. I suppose I am to blame for the misunderstanding that lead to this issue. And for some reason Artist Steps has been elected to be judge and jury.

A Change of Direction

First off, I am leaving Platinum PIAs because after a decade of producing the awards show my interests have shifted and I’ve gone to work for the USAcreate.com division known as the Blogger Coalition. I am fascinated by the notion that blogs, even those with the same subject matter, can work together in harmony.

USAcreate.com had no Interest in the Beginning

Since USAcreate.com is the producer of the Blog Coalition (for which I am becoming the manager), you would think that I would offer them the opportunity to extend their branding. But at the time of my transition, USAcreate.com showed no interest in being the name for the new PIAs.

Initial Kismet

Almost immediately at the time of my announcing my moving to become the manager of USAcreate.com’s Blogger Coalition, I was contacted by the Big Apple Awards to become the future name of the Platinum PIAs Awards. At the time I thought this was a wonderful idea, because the mission of “Apple” and “PIAs” are similar in mission because both recognize small business owners and artists of all kinds who are making a difference in their communities.

Where is Alliance?

But all at once after making Apple arrangements (short of signing agreement), USAcreate.com texted me that they were saddened and shocked that I went with Big Apple Awards instead of USAcreate.com Awards. I apologized profusely to Big Apple that USAcreat.com was my future “boss” so I would have to go with them instead. Even though I’m the one to ultimately decide, I believe that ArtistSteps.com is not thrilled with my decision.

And the Battle Begins…

I even went ahead to update the PlatinumPIAs.com Awards website with a story about how USAcreate.com was to be the new name for the the PIAs. The the Big Apple Awards lashed out about not getting the title and we are in now in the Title Change Battle: USAcreate.com Versus Big Apple.”

Author: Platinum PIAs

Platinum PIAs is proud to be an organization that recognizes ArtisticPreneurs who are making a difference in their communities and around the world.