“The Ask AI Guy” is innovating the promoting process with AI Marketing YOU, and because the “Ask AI Guy” is part AI and part human, it is the human aspect who founded and produced the Platinum PIAs, annually for a decade.

AI Marketing YOU, in sync with the Platinum PIAs’ values, humanizes brands and allows for unprecedented customer engagement.

Here’s the thing though. There is a new awards program coming soon. AI Be Good. This is important. Important that we continually move toward an ethical AI.

At times it may feel as though it is out of our hands, and the end result is inevitable. Individually and together we have the power to do something. But it starts now. This moment.

The Platinum PIAs Community Awards show was presented annually for 10 consecutive years with “PIA” being the acronym for “People I Admire” though, there were many guesses throughout the years what the letters stood for.

The primary focus was on recognizing local Manhattan, NYC, business owners or volunteers or those involved with a nonprofit. The recognition was for the difference they were making in their community. It was exciting seeing how there were lots of people doing their part in making a difference.

And can continue. In so many ways. But there is one thing that most of us were not even thinking about as recently as two years ago.

It is time to do our part in getting the message out there “Be Good AI.” And ironically we are going to need AI’s help to do that…