Yianni Stamas Helms Thrillumentary Project of Creativity and Craft

Yianni Stamas Helms “Thrillumentary”
Project of Creativity and Craft

Platinum Pias founder Yianni Stamas is working on a unique project called “Thrillumentary.”  It has a theater/web/film process involving craft and creativity – and it’s process is up front and center.  For members of the new (since August, 2016) Art Gush website, the exact techniques of making “Thrillumentary” are revealed at the rate of three steps a day.

What makes this particular approach to filmmaking different from others, is that the process is broken down into phases including it being a performance art piece, then a web series and finally a feature film. This project is also relevant to the Platinum Pias because it is involving many artists who are making a difference in their communities. And likely some of these artists will be nominated for Pias during the March, 2018 awards ceremony.

Meanwhile, the Platinum Pias are scheduled for March, 2017, location, date and nominees to be announced soon!

Author: Platinum PIAs

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