Yianni Stamas talks about Digital Distribution


We asked Filmmaker, Educator and Artist Advocate Yianni Stamas how he plans to distribute the film “Thrillumentary” that he is working on.

This is his response:

If you are making a film with our Art Gush Method of Digital Filmmaking as seen on the Art Gush website, chances are you have the intention to distribute your movie to an audience.

But what is the new distribution path for a film like “Thrillumentary?” Answer: digital film distribution on VOD (Video On Demand). Entities include iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, VuDu, Netflix, Cable VOD and so forth.

It’s easy to get on several of these platforms with a film like “Thrillumentary,” which is a good thing. Why? Because with some of them, every time a person views your film – you get paid. The downside though, is getting viewers there in the first place, ready to buy.

It’s been said that a consumer needs to see up to 12 “impressions” about your movie before they are going to watch a film like “Thrillumentary.” Big Hollywood companies accomplish this goal with extremely large marketing budgets that used to be called P&A (Prints and Advertising).

But how does the small independent filmmaker do it? How does she or he get folks to want to rent online her or his flick?

The answer is digital marketing, which may include, but does not rely on solely, social media. To build visibility for your picture you need to have it all over Google and other search engines. This can be accomplished in part by submitting your film for reviews, networking with blogs/vlogs and doing as much online press as possible.

Thanks Yianni Stamas for your insights!

By Platinum PIAs

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