Tickets for the Platinum Pias Awards

artists-platinum-pias-2017The Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists is coming in a matter of weeks on Monday, March 20 at 6:30pm, at DCTV Community Media Center located at 87 Layfayette Street in downtown Manhattan, New York.

This year we have a fascinating group of nominees from the Performing and Fine Arts. Also, there will be food and refreshments!

For those wanting tickets who are subscribed to the NYC Make a Difference newsletter, please follow these instructions:

1. Email us with your name, stating how many tickets you will need.

2. We will return your email with a written confirmation which in turn can be printed out as your tickets.

3. Also, your email address and name will be on the list at the door.

Remember we will be filming this year for the “Thrillumentary” promo, so you might end up briefly on camera.

For more information on the Platinum Pias, please go here.

Thanks. And we hope to see you there.

News About Thrillumentary and the Platinum Pias

bw-thrillumentary-reading-cast“Thrillumentary” takes a step forward by having a table read with actors this past Sunday, February 5th.

While doing the reading the voices of the actors were recorded for possible use in a trailer that is slated to be made.

The “Thrillumentary” actors will be at the 2017 Annual Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists. They will be “in character” because footage at the awards will be filmed for the trailer and possibly the web series and movie.

“Thrillumentary” is a theater/web/film project that will be shot almost entirely in Upper Manhattan in the Inwood, Washington Heights and Harlem areas.

Here are more details about the relationship between “Thrillumentary” and the “Platinum Pias” in the press release below which is written from an Upper Manhattan perspective.


artists-platinum-pias-2017The Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists of Upper Manhattan (since 2010) is coming March 20!

Special Upper Manhattan movie is being shot at the awards!

And now for the first time ever there will be some filming for an extreme low budget feature film done at the Pias for a motion picture being shot almost entirely in Inwood/Washington Heights/Harlem! The Platinum Pias and their producer, Lights Camera Read, are involved in the development of a mystery/thriller feature film called “Thrillumentary.” “Thrillumentary” is the story of a media artist who must solve a murder to save his community awards show, hence the alternative title “Thrillumentary: Making a Difference Can Be Murder.”

“Thrillumentary” is being done in part to prove that you can make, market and distribute a feature length motion picture for under 500 dollars with no crew and using your cell phone! The movie will first be a 27 installment web series and then will be strung together, creating the film. If you would like to appear in this “no budget” production as an awards guest, join us for the free Platinum Pias Awards. We are seeking nonunion actors from the Bronx/Inwood/Washington-Heights/Harlem as well as anyone else who is interested in making a difference (which could lead to a nomination for the Platinum Pias Awards).

What are the Platinum Pias Awards?

Lights Camera Read, in association with Empire State College, State University of New York, present – the 8th Annual Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists, 2017. The Platinum Pias is an awards show produced by Inwood Manhattan resident John Yianni Stamas, And although the show is not held in Upper Manhattan, it involves artists from Inwood/Washington Heights/Harlem who see themselves as ambassadors for the area. The Pias, since 2010, have consisted of recognizing creative individuals who are making a difference in their NYC neighborhoods and internationally.

When and where.

The Platinum Pias Community awards Show for Artists will be held on Monday, March 20 at 6:30PM at DCTV Community Media Center at 87 Layfayette Street. There will be food and refreshments and admission is free!

Artists nominated.

The artists nominated this year include…For the “Actor Making a Difference Platinum Pia” – Danny Hicks (“Evil Dead 2”), Upper Manhattan Advocate Lin Manuel Miranda (“Hamilton”) and Washington Heights resident Victor Verhaeghe (“Bridge of Spies”). For the “Artist Teacher Making a Difference Platinum Pia” – Alina Bloomgarden (MOTI), Bruce Payne (Baruch “Arts Administration” Program) and Mamedjarra Diop (Sunu Thiossane). For the “Musician Making a Difference Platinum Pia” – Chi-Y (Hip Hop Artist), Justin Giordano (Singer/Songwriter) and Thrillumentary International Band (Movie Soundtrack for “Thrillumentary”). And finally, for the “Pop Icon Making a Difference Platinum Pia” the nominees are Bobby Hart (Monkees Songwriter), Karolyn Grimes (“It’s a Wonderful Life”) and the late Tony D. Fields (Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”).

The judges and presenters.

The Platinum Pias is a video and live presentation. Live awards presenters this year include Richard T. Oliver (two time Grammy Award winning producer and engineer), Inwood Manhattan resident Tina Casula Gross (Broadway Performing Arts Center), Inwood Manhattan resident Ali Baynes (“Thrillumentary”) and Rodger Taylor (WurkNprogress and formerly of the NYPL).

Come join us for the movie shoot and awards show and celebrate Upper Manhattan!


Art Gush Method of Digital Filmmaking

The Art Gush Method of Digital Filmmaking is alive and well. It looks like Lights Camera Read has hit another home run with this one.

Art Gush will have a presence at this year’s Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists as will the mystery-thriller “Thrillumentary.” “Thrillumentary” is the feature film in development that is the learning tool which Art Gush uses to demonstrate steps to be taken to succeed as a filmmaker.

Art Gush is a new way to make motion pictures. It allows anyone with some knowledge of filmmaking or the arts (and who is good on a computer) to more easily produce full length film.

Yianni Stamas Unveils Picture of the Thrillumentary International Band

band-music2In a recent article by filmmaker, educator and artist advocate Yianni Stamas, he unveiled the first known picture of the Thrillumentary International Band.

He also disclosed that the group would be one of the nominees in the upcoming Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists, in March, 2017.

The Thrillumentary International Band has been building a buzz because they, as an entity, have never all been in a room at the same time. This is because they collaborate remotely by the internet from all over the globe including Berlin, Bulgaria, England, Ireland, Oregon and New York City. They are making a difference in the international community because they symbolize a united world.

Welcome to the New Platinum Pias Website

webannouncement2Hello and welcome to the new Platinum Pias Community Awards Show website. After being in existence since 2010 we are thrilled to have this fresh and updated site.

Coming March, 2017 will be next Platinum Pias and although March seems to be a ways away, it will be upon us soon.

What’s different about the next Platinum Pias Community Awards Show? For one thing, this will be the first year we have an artists-only focus. That’s right, we’re putting the spotlight on actors, pop icons, artist teachers and more who are making a difference in their communities.

The second thing that has not been seen before at a Pias celebration, is the introduction of our Platinum Pias, Lights Camera Read and Art Gush sponsored theater/web/film project: “Thrillumentary.”

In the Pias and LCR tradition, “Thrillumentary” is being evolved with an emphasis on bringing people together through the arts and arts education.

And no site is more arts and arts education oriented than Art Gush. Check the mention on the Art Gush blog that was given regarding the new Pias site.

Watch for more, soon!