You Know What You Need to Do Tomorrow


Tomorrow is a special day and we couldn’t resist coming out to talk about it. Apparently the Platinum PIAs have inspired a couple different awards show to come to be. This includes the Big Apple Awards, the Home Business Awards and the US Make a Difference Awards. The one we have in our eye at the moment is the Home Business Awards. This is because we believe home businesses could play a role in the job issues we are currently experiencing.

US Make a Difference

United States, we ask that you make a difference and get out and vote. Now more than ever we need participation by the people that could lead to the sides not being as much divided as they currently are.

Please Vote

When you think about it, voting is an important right to fulfill. Possibly one of the most important. Many from both “sides” in the US are extremist s in their beliefs. One side is “take from the rich and give to the poor,” while the other side seems to be “have the rich remain in power and do the PR they are empowering the poor.” which side most resonates with you? Even if neither fits your views, please get out tomorrow and make your voice heard.


Platinum PIAs Nominations are Pouring in

Yes folks, the Platinum PIAs nominations are pouring in. When it rains it pours! And the exciting thing is that many of those submitting nominations are themselves ArtisticPreneur who share with us aspects of their creative process.

Meanwhile, we receive at least a few nominations a day, from all over the world. Plus, we’ve been getting one question in particular regarding this annual community awards show that’s been recognizing ArtisticPreneurs since 2010. The question we’ve been getting over and over again is:

“What’s the deal with the PIAs? Are you guys  going to be doing a live version of it anymore?”

In regards to the question if we’re going to be doing live shows or not, our response is “We’ll see.” 2019 we’ll be another internet only performance, but this could change in the future. In the meantime, keep those nominations pouring in!


Know an Artist of Any Kind (or a Small Business with a Creative Owner) Who is Making a Difference in the Community? Nominate that Person for a Platinum PIAs Award!

Platinum PIAs
The PIAs Committee are searching for new nominees for the awards show.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship

There’s a paragraph that recently appeared in the Entertainment Entrepreneurship website/blog that was a calling of all ArtisticPreneurs. There’s is also a paragraph on last year’s winner Julie Newmar who is the personification of an ArtisticPreneur.

“One of our favorite winners was Julie Newmar, perhaps best known as Catwoman on the early Batman TV series . I have to admit, I am old enough to have watched the series when it first came out, so I’ve been a Julie Newmar fan for the bulk of my life. The irony is that we were never in the same room with Ms. Newmar but but communicated with her only digitally.”

Founder Gives His Input

The founder gave is input on the Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for ArtisticPreneurs. He has been producing the PIAs since 2010. It seems people have been asking him where the video of the PIAs 20017 is. Here is his response on his blog.

“It’s unlisted so it won’t show up in any search.”

Manhattan Kids Guide a Long Time Friend to the PIAs

So now you know we are searching high and wide for qualified PIA nominees as well as have a video available so you can experience what a live Platinum PIAs is like (2018 was online only).

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also post the Manhattan Kids Guide description of the kind of individual we’re seeking to be a PIAs contestant. Manhattan Kids Guide is a Platinum PIA Award winning publication and long time friend to the awards show.

“The PIAs look for ArtisticPreneurs of all kinds (including business innovators, musicians, writers and filmmakers etc.) of the Upper Manhattan Community and beyond who are making a difference in their local neighborhoods and around the world.”

How to Get an Invitation to the Platinum PIAs

Usually you have to be invited personally in order to attend the Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for ArtisticPreneurs. This past PIAs was a little different since it was on the web. But still it was tough to get an invite to the cyber festivities unless you were subscribed to the Newsletter which is currently not accepting any new subscribers. Below is a little experiment we did in regards to inviting audience members. We contacted artist friendly sites like NYC Housing Lottery (which explores housing for artists) and had them post an invitation to their viewers. This is what it looked like:

Because our “NYC Housing Lottery” readers are interested in “all things artist” we wanted to extend an invitation to you to attend the awards. To find out more about the Platinum PIAs please go here.”


Future Platinum PIAs Nominees Could be Helped by the ArtisticPreneur Website

Platinum PIAs Nomination
How Do eBooks and Sponsorship Factor into You Maybe Being Noticed for a Platinum PIAs Nomination?

Yes it’s true, there is now officially an ArtisticPreneur website. The word “ArtisticPreneur” has gone from just being a concept to being a website as well. And the ArtisticPreneur website could prove helpful to future Platinum PIAs nominees. ArtistPreneur brings us occasional blog entries including the current one that is about using sponsorship and eBooks to advance your creative career. This kind of DIY and “How To” info could be just the thing to add visibility to artists who are making a difference who in turn may be more likely to be nominated for a PIA.

Of course there is no guarantee of this being the result but remember that the P, I and A in PIA stand for Public Internet Artist. And artists become more public when they utilize methods for gaining exposure to potentially be noticed by Platinum PIA judges.

And of course, as many of you know, when the Platinum PIAs is done as an internet-only awards show the judges consist of everyone who is a member of the NYC Create newsletter. That’s a lot of folks out there who could potentially be interested in nominating YOU for a Platinum PIA.