How to Start Your Own Awards Show

People Want to Keep the Name

Let’s approach first things first which is a quick update regarding changing the name of the Platinum PIAs to either Awards or the Big Apple Awards. There was a serious backlash against changing the name Platinum PIAs, so although this decision is not yet final, a working agreement has been reached.

A Strange Solution

Via this agreement, the Platinum PIAs will continue to be named the Platinum PIAs while and will become subdivisions.

Still a Work in Progress

For businesses all over the USA, will have its own line of awards under the Platinum PIAs moniker. This goes also for which will be the presenter to educators and performing artists. Thank you for bearing with us, we will soon let you know if this approach is permanent.

Your Own Awards Show!

Our next Platinum PIAs Ceremony will be our 11th one! And through doing this process over and over and over again, we’ve learned a thing or two about creating, promoting and presenting an awards show. Have you ever thought about wanting to start your own awards show? If so, this post is for you especially if you are a part of the media industry including video, film and the web! If you aren’t already in the industry, you can get tips here on starting your own company or agency.

Set Goals

Ironically, the first step in the awards ceremony creation process is to pick the right name. As of late we haven’t been doing great with that one, but things will be resolved in the near future. The next thing you’re going to want to do is write two to three paragraphs about what your awards show is and how it will help the community or solve a problem.

Calling in Favors?

This is followed by setting a budget. We’re of course assuming you have a budget. If you do not have one you can figure out the numbers of what is needed and seek donors for help. Or you can even go the no budget approach. While this is not the best way to do things, it can be done using a free space and calling in favors. Or you may already be in the video, film and web industry in which case you’ll likely have the contacts. Not in the industry? No problem. Remember, you can get tips here.

Awards Show Tune

If you have a musician involved, you might consider having this person write, sing and record a song about your awards show. We have one for the Platinum PIAs and portions of it are used throughout the ceremony.

Reach Your Goals

Now you need to jot down all the elements for your awards show, with the list being gotten from your budget. Be sure to track every component as you reach goals.

Don’t Forget the Actual Award Statue

One thing you should do is have a designated staff including someone to take tickets and hand out programs, another person to MC etc. Don’t forget the awards statues themselves. If you can get some nice awards made you will make the winners happy and they’ll more likely keep the award for years to come!

Author: Platinum PIAs

Platinum PIAs is proud to be an organization that recognizes ArtisticPreneurs who are making a difference in their communities and around the world.