Yianni Stamas and a Real Life Tale About How Tenacity and Communication with a Little Luck Can Sometimes Solve Problems that Impact a Lot of People

Not a Picture of the Actual Puddle but Imagine Something Like this Leading to Knee Deep Water at the Entrance of the NYC Apartment Building Where You Live

Secret Techniques To Improve Communication (or at Least Stuff that has worked)

Yianni Stamas during the ten years of producing the Platinum PIAs, always did his best to try to zero in not only those problems in Inwood Manhattan or Washington Heights, but also topics that needed to be brought up to build awareness. And some problems might benefit from intersecting with each other more than the currently do.

Bureaucracy is not the fault of Bureaucracy but Rather of Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy has a way of making it difficult to do much of anything. Through, this is often not their fault directly because when many administrators themselves try to make a difference and reach out to relevant other city agencies. But as Yianni Stamas has pointed out, one city agency with a purpose that contacts another, can sometime get the run around.

How to Improve Communication?

Or it can be the “Slow No” in which the agency that help is sought from, might talk about how they have walls too they cannot jump over. So what is the “secret” that can be used to improve communication?


The fastest way to get a positive result when it comes to one person to another, is that they are on the same page with same values to start out with! Not really a secret, but is something to think about so you do not get caught up in trying to make someone change what they believe in. We know that Yianni Stamas is on board for simplicity.

Is there a METHOD HOW to Open Doors Easily or Must One Resort to the Age Old Adage “Try, try, again?”

Back to the city agency trying to communicate with another city agency, as an example could be that of the search for a door to enter the NYC Housing Lottery. Now please understand we are in no way knocking the NYC Housing Lottery, merely voicing the importance of being your own advocate in life and that of family, friends and coworkers. And the only way that this seems to work is if you persevere.

New Yorkers Once in a While are Able to Get the City to Help with Community Issue but Sometimes it Takes Thinking Out of the Box

In Inwood Manhattan there was an apartment building on the east side of Broadway that had a major problem with water and knee-deep puddles that formed right at the entrance making it extremely difficult to enter the building. And people, trying to get into their apartment homes would get wet in water that was stagnate harboring possible elements that could make a person ill.

Drain the Large Puddle?

Now Yianni Stamas, who wanted the city come to drain the enormous puddle that existed year after year , did what New Yorkers are told to do: Call 311. The idea is that you call them and they connect you to government agencies that can help you.

A Long Story Kept Short

After attempting many times of using 311 to try to take this big puddle away, he got no results. One day, as luck would have it, he was exiting the building trying not to get wet from all the water at the entrance, when he saw something amazing: a city truck with the tools to drain the veritable pond.


But this truck had not come to the neighborhood to drain the giant puddle and kept driving past the building. With water dripping from his clothes, Yianni ran after the truck. Fortunately the truck stopped at an intersection, and Yianni got the two men within to roll down their window. Yianni pleaded with them to fix the water problem. And in less than twenty minutes they fixed the issue. The point to be made here is that tenacity can sometimes save the day!

Author: Platinum PIAs

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